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Article: Damilola Jewellery Pop Ups/Markets/Events

Damilola Jewellery

Damilola Jewellery Pop Ups/Markets/Events

Damilola Jewellery PopUps/Markets/Events

What Damilola Jewellery has been up to so far this year!

Happy new year, first of all! I hope this year has been treating you well so far!
In February we saw our first Pop Up Shop for the weekend at Mahogany Market in Leeds Corn Exchange! It was so great to interact with new customers, to meet people who have ordered online and came wearing our  jewellery! It was such an amazing feeling and experience. 
If you don’t know about Mahogany Market. It’s basically a platform to showcase black owned businesses. Every first weekend of the month (Official Black Pound Day) they host 20 black owned businesses showcasing their brands. It was to create a safe space and that it is. (It’s also situated in the city centre, 5 minutes walk from the train station). It was great to see so many amazing businesses in one place.
 We went back to Leeds for another market in 5th March! Another amazing day! Actually it went on till night that time, with Leeds Fresh Fm playing from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, we love to see it! Added that bit more to the vibe!

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make the April market in Leeds, because we will be coming to Nottingham!                                     So, Nottingham! On the 2nd of April we will be trading at Ebony Expo Nottingham - Queens Walk Community Centre! From 12-5pm. 
Manchester! We will be trading at Melanin Markets in Manchester on the 8th May at the Royal Exchange Theatre. There will be around 50 businesses trading, so it’s going to be an amazing event and a chance to discover so many great brands, that don’t usually get the opportunity and platform to raise brand awareness like this. These events mean the world to a small business like us. It gives us the opportunity to really get our message across and a chance for customers to see how amazing our products are in person! Most importantly. I can’t wait to see some of you!

We have also got an event lined up for Sheffield in August for Jamaica Independence Day at Devonshire Green! More details on more events will be released here. 
We are working hard to find as many events as possible that welcome a brand such as ours with open arms, in every city! So keep an eye out. More regular updates can be found on any of our social media pages.

With love, Damilola Jewellery 

some beautiful customers at Mahogany Market Leeds

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Where To Shop With Us In Person!

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