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Our Story

About us 

Welcome to Damilola Jewellery, a family-run business established in 2020. Based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Our family roots are made up of Jamaican, Nigerian and British roots. Inspired by the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, coupled with our enduring love for empowerment, jewellery and design, we set out to craft pieces that would instill pride in our children, the torchbearers of tomorrow. To educate and celebrate the culture, history and beauty through jewellery. Our vision for Damilola Jewellery is to create exquisite, meaningful pieces that stand the test of time— versatile enough to elevate any look, from casual to formal. And to let each individual proudly carry the flag that symbolizes their pride and cherished memories.


Jewellery is like seasoning. Your outfit is the food and jewellery is the seasoning, you know what I mean? You just need to add abit of spice and flavour. It’s just incomplete without seasoning. It’s the cherry on top basically” - Founder 

Our Inspiration

At Damilola Jewellery, we cherish items with profound meaning. We delight in unraveling the stories behind each piece, understanding why it resonates with you, discovering the significance of the colours adorning each flag and so on.

Every piece we create is infused with meaning and intention. We believe in the power of jewellery to tell stories, evoke emotions, and stand the test of time. Jewellery is one of the first things people notice, it’s a conversation starter, it represents something about you. It should make you smile whenever you look at it.
Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday look, Damilola Jewellery offers pieces that effortlessly blend style and significance.

“In diversity there is beauty and strength. In unity, there is power and progress.”

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to design jewellery that empowers and speaks to the soul. We strive to create timeless and classic pieces that resonate with your individuality, uplift your spirit, and serve as a reminder of the beauty and strength within you.

 "Let each individual proudly carry the flag that symbolizes their pride and cherished memories."

Connect with Us

Follow us on our journey and view regular behind the scene footage on our Social Media Stories. Keep up to date with new products, giveaways, new stockists and pop-ups!

 Thank you for choosing Damilola Jewellery to be a part of your story. Together, let's adorn ourselves with pieces that reflect our past, celebrate our present, and inspire our future.

”Do and wear whatever what makes you happy. Unapologetically.”