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Jewellery Care

Damilola Jewellery is crafted to the highest quality to ensure that it keeps its shine for as long as possible. However, as with all jewellery, there are things you can do to help maintain your item for as long as possible.

Using a soft lint free cloth, periodically wipe your jewellery. This will keep your jewellery looking shiny. Ideally, store your Damilola Jewellery purchases in a dark, cool and dry place within an air tight box or bag to help reduce  scratching and tangling. Don't chuck it in your jewellery box with everything else as the friction of rubbing up against other metals can wear away at the layer of gold. And leaving it lying around increases the risk of tarnishing. Don't sleep in your gold plated jewellery for the same friction-y reasons!

Our jewellery will not tarnish straight after being in water, but it is possible the chain could over time, this is the nature of all plated jewellery. No plated jewellery is completely water proof. Our pendants however, last a lot longer than chains. Please message us if you ever need a replacement chain at a small cost.
We would advise removing all jewellery while in water and avoid extreme temperatures.

After bathing/showering, wait until you're dry before putting on your gold plated jewels and apply all lotions and perfumes on before putting the jewellery on. Different chemicals in lotions and perfumes can seriously tarnish jewellery. It's best to avoid tarnish with gold plated items as they aren't as easy to clean as silver and gold pieces.

Jewellers’ secret trick for polishing up gold plated jewellery is to spray some window cleaner onto a piece of kitchen towel and gently rub it over your metal. Bada bing! Hello bling!

Please note, plated jewellery may naturally fade over time. This is not a fault and can be avoided by caring for your jewellery as detailed above.