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The Essentials Collection

Your jewellery box needs these addition.. The perfect collection for you to Layer-Up and Stack those necklaces , either with our pendant necklaces; or just go for a single look. Either way, it’s going to look sensational 🤌🏽✨

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-The influence of music and fashion made a big impact during the 60’s when the era of layered chains, and medallions was about to begin it’s debut. Giving some much earned respect and awed to Jim Hendrix and his natural aura of impeccable style.

As technology advanced, so did the process of making chains. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s when chains began to become more extravagant. The 80’s giving birth to making chains a real fashion statement, thanks to the rise of rap and hip hop such a Run DMC, the Beasties boys. 

The Rope chain was a staple back then, just as much as it is today.


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Snake Herringbone Chain - SingleSnake Herringbone Chain - Single
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain Sale price$33.00 USD
Layered Chains - Serenity/HarmonyLayered Chains - Serenity/Harmony
Gold/Silver Classic Rope ChainClassic Rope Chain
Gold/Silver Classic Rope Chain Sale priceFrom $20.00 USD
‘Jelani’ Ring - Black/White‘Jelani’ Ring - Black/White
‘Jelani’ Ring - Black/White Sale price$20.00 USD
Luxury Steel Anklets/Bracelets - Classics Snake, Rope&CurbLuxury Steel Anklets/Bracelets - Classics Snake, Rope&Curb
‘Made of Magic’ Necklace‘Made of Magic’ Necklace
‘Made of Magic’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
Oshun Black ‘Onyx’ Pendant NecklaceOshun Black ‘Onyx’ Pendant Necklace
‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace
The ‘Loved’ NecklaceThe ‘Loved’ Necklace
The ‘Loved’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
Angel Numbers Ring - GoldAngel Numbers Ring - Gold
Angel Numbers Ring - Gold Sale price$20.00 USD
‘More Self Love’ Necklace‘More Self Love’ Necklace
‘More Self Love’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
Thick Curb Chain - Gold/SilverThick Curb Chain - Gold/Silver
Thick Curb Chain - Gold/Silver Sale price$36.00 USD
‘More Self Love’ Ring‘More Self Love’ Ring
‘More Self Love’ Ring Sale price$20.00 USD
‘Yin Yang’ 2 in 1 Necklace - Gold‘Yin Yang’ 2 in 1 Necklace - Gold
‘Deluxe’ Snake Chain‘Deluxe’ Snake Chain
‘Deluxe’ Snake Chain Sale price$33.00 USD
The ‘To The One I Love’ NecklaceThe ‘To The One I Love’ Necklace
Watch Band ‘Jelani’ Ring - SilverWatch Band ‘Jelani’ Ring - Silver