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Africa Small Pendant Detailed Engraved ‘Kuumba' - Gold/SilverAfrica Small Pendant Detailed Engraved ‘Kuumba' - Gold/Silver
Strength / BlessedStrength / Blessed
Strength / Blessed Sale price£21.99 GBP
‘Made of Magic’ Necklace‘Made of Magic’ Necklace
‘Made of Magic’ Necklace Sale price£17.99 GBP
The ‘Wings Of Life’ Nefertiti NecklaceThe ‘Wings Of Life’ Nefertiti Necklace
‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace
‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace Sale price£17.99 GBP
zodiac star sign necklace necklasezodiac star sign necklace necklase
Angel Numbers NecklaceAngel Numbers Necklace
Angel Numbers Necklace Sale price£16.99 GBP
Small Africa Necklace ‘Isokan’  - Gold/SilverAfrica engraved map necklaces
Jamaica Engraved Map Necklace '14 Parish’- Gold/SilverJamaica Engraved Map Necklace '14 Parish’- Gold/Silver
Queen Nefertiti necklace Gold/Silver'Queen Nefertiti' - Gold/Silver Necklace Jewellery
Queen Nandi Necklace - 2 Styles AvailableQueen Nandi Necklace - 2 Styles Available
Snake Herringbone Chain - SingleSnake Herringbone Chain - Single
hamsa hand necklace jewellery hamza protecthamsa hand protect from bad energy
The Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silverankh key of life necklace
'The Butterfly' Necklace'The Butterfly' Necklace
'The Butterfly' Necklace Sale price£18.99 GBP
goddess isis ancient egypt necklase jewellerygoddess isis ancient egyptian queen
'The Lucky Turtle' Necklace Jewellery'The Lucky Turtle' Necklace Jewellery Animals
'The Lucky Turtle' Sale price£17.99 GBP
‘Star’ Necklace - Follow Your Star‘Star’ Necklace - Follow Your Star
Pharaoh - Silver/GoldPharaoh - Silver/Gold
Pharaoh - Silver/Gold Sale price£19.99 GBP
Sold outAfrica Crown Necklace 👑Africa Crown Necklace 👑
Africa Crown Necklace 👑 Sale price£19.99 GBP
'Kuumba' - Gold/Silver'Kuumba' - Gold/Silver
Crescent Moon NecklaceCrescent Moon Necklace
Crescent Moon Necklace Sale price£18.99 GBP
'Heart of a Lion''Heart of a Lion'
Africa necklace pendant with lionAfrica pendant necklace with lion
'United We Stand' Fist Necklace - Gold/Silver'United We Stand' Fist Necklace - Gold/Silver
ankh key of lifeankh key of life
Island Vibes - The Palm TreeIsland Vibes - The Palm Tree
Island Vibes - The Palm Tree Sale price£15.99 GBP
Body OdyBody Ody
Body Ody Necklace Sale priceFrom £14.99 GBP
Sold outLayered Chains - Serenity/HarmonyLayered Chains - Serenity/Harmony
Layered Chains - Serenity/Harmony Sale price£15.99 GBP
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain Sale price£24.99 GBP
The Benin Mask - Gold/SilverThe Benin Mask - Gold/Silver
The Benin Mask - Gold/Silver Sale price£19.99 GBP
Sold out'Stand in Solidarity!''Stand in Solidarity!'
'Stand in Solidarity!' Sale price£15.99 GBP
'Isokan' - Gold/Silver'Isokan' - Gold/Silver
Sold outlion pendant lion necklace
'The Fierce Lion' Sale price£15.99 GBP
Queen Nandi 2pc SetQueen Nandi 2pc Set
Queen Nandi 2pc Set Sale price£29.99 GBP
Nigeria flag map necklace Nigeria flag map necklace
Ghana Flag Necklace  - Gold/Silver ‘Freedom and Justice'Ghana Flag Necklace  - Gold/Silver ‘Freedom and Justice'
st vincent flag necklase pendantst vincent necklace flag silver
African Diamanté Necklace - 'Folami'African Diamanté Necklace - 'Folami'
'Ankh 🖤 Africa' - Gold/Silver 'Ankh 🖤 Africa' - Gold/Silver
jamaica flag map necklacejamaica flag map necklace silver
barbados necklace barbados pendant necklace
haiti necklace flaghaiti necklase flag
'One Love' Jamaica Necklace'One Love' Jamaica Necklace
'One Love' Jamaica Necklace Sale price£17.99 GBP
Power Salute Fist Chain - Gold/Silverblack power salute blm pendant
Saint Martin Necklace ’Semper Progrediens'Saint Martin Necklace ’Semper Progrediens'
'BLACK LIVES MATTER' Sale price£16.99 GBP
'The Majestic Elephant' - (2 Choices)'The Majestic Elephant' - (2 Choices)