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‘Made of Magic’ Necklace‘Made of Magic’ Necklace
‘Made of Magic’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
Queen Nefertiti necklace Gold/Silver'Queen Nefertiti' - Gold/Silver Necklace Jewellery
'Queen Nefertiti' - Gold/Silver Sale price$24.00 USD
‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace
Africa engraved map necklaces Africa engraved map necklaces
jamaica 14 parish necklase pendant engravedJamaica engraved pendant necklace gold/silver
Queen Nandi Necklace - 2 Styles AvailableQueen Nandi Necklace - 2 Styles Available
Angel Numbers NecklaceAngel Numbers Necklace
Angel Numbers Necklace Sale price$22.00 USD
Snake Herringbone Chain - SingleSnake Herringbone Chain - Single
zodiac star sign necklace necklasezodiac star sign necklace necklase
hamsa hand necklace jewellery hamza protecthamsa hand protect from bad energy
The Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silverankh key of life necklace
The Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silver Sale price$24.00 USD
Sold outbutterfly necklase smallbutterfly necklase small
'The Butterfly' Necklace Sale price$21.00 USD
goddess isis ancient egypt necklase jewellerygoddess isis ancient egyptian queen
'The Lucky Turtle' Necklace Jewellery'The Lucky Turtle' Necklace Jewellery Animals
'The Lucky Turtle' Sale price$24.00 USD
‘Star’ Necklace - Follow Your Star‘Star’ Necklace - Follow Your Star
Pharaoh - Silver/GoldPharaoh - Silver/Gold
Pharaoh - Silver/Gold Sale price$26.00 USD
Africa Crown Necklace 👑Africa Crown Necklace 👑
Africa Crown Necklace 👑 Sale price$26.00 USD
'Kuumba' - Gold/Silver'Kuumba' - Gold/Silver
'Heart of a Lion''Heart of a Lion'
Africa necklace pendant with lionAfrica pendant necklace with lion
'Heart of a Lion' Sale price$24.00 USD
'United We Stand' Fist Necklace - Gold/Silver'United We Stand' Fist Necklace - Gold/Silver
ankh key of lifeankh key of life
The Ankh (small) - gold/silver Sale price$21.00 USD
Island Vibes - The Palm TreeIsland Vibes - The Palm Tree
Island Vibes - The Palm Tree Sale price$21.00 USD
Body OdyBody Ody
Body Ody Sale priceFrom $17.00 USD
Layered Chains - Serenity/HarmonyLayered Chains - Serenity/Harmony
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain Sale price$33.00 USD
The Benin Mask - Gold/SilverThe Benin Mask - Gold/Silver
The Benin Mask - Gold/Silver Sale price$26.00 USD
Sold out'Stand in Solidarity!''Stand in Solidarity!'
'Stand in Solidarity!' Sale price$21.00 USD
crescent moon necklacecrescent moon necklace
Crescents Moon Necklace Sale price$22.00 USD
Sold outlion pendant lion necklace
'The Fierce Lion' Sale price$21.00 USD
Queen Nandi 2pc SetQueen Nandi 2pc Set
Queen Nandi 2pc Set Sale price$39.00 USD
Nigeria Flag Necklace 🇳🇬 - 'Unity and Faith'Nigeria Flag Necklace 🇳🇬 - 'Unity and Faith'
Ghana Flag Necklace  - Gold/Silver ‘Freedom and Justice'Ghana Flag Necklace  - Gold/Silver ‘Freedom and Justice'
st vincent flag necklase pendantst vincent necklace flag silver
African Diamanté Necklace - 'Folami'African Diamanté Necklace - 'Folami'
'Isokan' - Gold/Silver'Isokan' - Gold/Silver
'Ankh 🖤 Africa' - Gold/Silver 'Ankh 🖤 Africa' - Gold/Silver
jamaica flag necklacejamaica flag necklace silver
barbados necklace barbados pendant necklace
haiti necklace flaghaiti necklace flag
'One Love' Jamaica Necklace'One Love' Jamaica Necklace
'One Love' Jamaica Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
'Black Power Salute' - Gold/Silverblack power salute blm pendant
Saint Martin Necklace ’Semper Progrediens'Saint Martin Necklace ’Semper Progrediens'
'BLACK LIVES MATTER' Sale price$22.00 USD
'The Majestic Elephant' - (2 Choices)'The Majestic Elephant' - (2 Choices)
Queen Nefertiti 3pc Set - Gold/SilverQueen Nefertiti 3pc Set - Gold/Silver
st kitts Necklace necklasest kitts necklace pendant
'Imani' Africa Set - Silver/Gold'Imani' Africa Set - Silver/Gold