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Caribbean Carnival Collection

It’s Carnival season! Grab your whistles, grab your flags, grab your mates, touch road and CARNIVAAAALLL 🥳🥳 Rep your flag with our collection of flags and maps pendants🤩

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jamaica flag map necklacejamaica flag map necklace silver
haiti necklace flaghaiti necklase flag
barbados necklace barbados pendant necklace
st vincent flag necklase pendantst vincent necklace flag silver
Saint Martin Necklace ’Semper Progrediens'Saint Martin Necklace ’Semper Progrediens'
Saint Lucia flag map necklace Saint Lucia flag map necklace
st kitts Necklace necklasest kitts necklace pendant
Sold outBarbados 'In Plenty and In Time of Need'Barbados 'In Plenty and In Time of Need'
Jamaica Engraved Map Necklace '14 Parish’- Gold/SilverJamaica Engraved Map Necklace '14 Parish’- Gold/Silver
'One Love' Jamaica Necklace'One Love' Jamaica Necklace
'One Love' Jamaica Necklace Sale price£17.99 GBP
Haiti Flag Necklace 🇭🇹 - ‘Unity Makes Strength’Haiti Flag Necklace 🇭🇹 - ‘Unity Makes Strength’
Grenada Flag Map Necklace - GoldGrenada Flag Map Necklace - Gold
Grenada Flag Map Necklace - Gold Sale price£17.99 GBP
guyana flag necklace guyana flag necklace
Dominica Flag Necklace 🇩🇲- ‘After God The Earth’Dominica Flag Necklace 🇩🇲- ‘After God The Earth’
Dominican Republic Flag Map Necklace - ‘God, Fatherland, Liberty’Dominican Republic Flag Map Necklace - ‘God, Fatherland, Liberty’
Cuba Flag Necklace 🇨🇺Cuba Flag Necklace 🇨🇺
Cuba Flag Map Necklace Sale price£17.99 GBP
The Bahamas Flag Necklace 🇧🇸The Bahamas Flag Necklace 🇧🇸
Antigua and Barbuda Flag Necklace🇦🇬Antigua and Barbuda Flag Necklace🇦🇬
US Virgin Islands Flag Necklace🇻🇮 (4 Styles)US Virgin Islands Flag Necklace🇻🇮 (4 Styles)
Puerto Rico Flag Necklace 🇵🇷 (3 Styles)Puerto Rico Flag Necklace 🇵🇷 (3 Styles)
British Virgin Islands Flag Necklace 🇻🇬British Virgin Islands Flag Necklace 🇻🇬
Cayman Islands Flag Necklace 🇰🇾Cayman Islands Flag Necklace 🇰🇾
Turks and Caicos Flag Necklace 🇹🇨Turks and Caicos Flag Necklace 🇹🇨
Guam Flag Necklace 🇬🇺Guam Flag Necklace 🇬🇺
Guam Flag Necklace 🇬🇺 Sale price£19.99 GBP
Barbados Flag Necklace🇧🇧 - Colour/EngravedBarbados pendant necklace flag engraved
St Kitts and Nevis Engraved Map Necklace - Gold/SilverSt Kitts and Nevis Engraved Map Necklace - Gold/Silver
Trinidad Flag Map Necklace - Engraved - Gold & Silver - ‘Together We Aspire'