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Minimalist Luxe Collection

Minimalist Luxe Collection with a touch of something✨ about them. It’s the little details that matter.
Crafted from stainless steel pieces. Coated in 18&24ct gold and a waterproof protector. These pieces are guaranteed to serve you well.  

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Golden 'Opulent Edge' RingGolden 'Opulent Edge' Ring
Golden 'Opulent Edge' Ring Sale price$30.00 USD
Gold ‘Zara’ Ridge RingGold ‘Zara’ Ridge Ring
Gold ‘Zara’ Ridge Ring Sale price$22.00 USD
‘Jayda’ Jewel Ring‘Jayda’ Jewel Ring
‘Jayda’ Jewel Ring Sale price$22.00 USD
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain
‘Hooked’ Chunky Chain Sale price$33.00 USD
‘Deluxe’ Snake Chain‘Deluxe’ Snake Chain
‘Deluxe’ Snake Chain Sale price$33.00 USD
‘Lela’ Gold&Black Classic - Ring‘Lela’ Gold&Black Classic - Ring
Body OdyBody Ody
Body Ody Sale priceFrom $17.00 USD
‘Amara’ Jewel Heart Ring‘Amara’ Jewel Heart Ring
‘Amara’ Jewel Heart Ring Sale price$24.00 USD
Snake Herringbone Chain - SingleSnake Herringbone Chain - Single
Layered Chains - Serenity/HarmonyLayered Chains - Serenity/Harmony
‘Jayda’ Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings - Clear/Green/Brown‘Jayda’ Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings - Clear/Green/Brown
‘Halle’ Gold/Silver Twisted Hoops - 3/5/6.5cm‘Halle’ Gold/Silver Twisted Hoops - 3/5/6.5cm
‘Idia’ Square Gold Geometric Hoops‘Idia’ Square Gold Geometric Hoops
‘Jelani’ Ring - Black/White‘Jelani’ Ring - Black/White
‘Jelani’ Ring - Black/White Sale price$20.00 USD
Gold/Silver Classic Rope ChainClassic Rope Chain
Gold/Silver Classic Rope Chain Sale priceFrom $20.00 USD
Aja ‘Emerald’ Pendant NecklaceAja ‘Emerald’ Pendant Necklace
Oshun Black ‘Onyx’ Pendant NecklaceOshun Black ‘Onyx’ Pendant Necklace
11:11 Necklace - Gold/Silver11:11 Necklace - Gold/Silver Angel Numbers Pendant
11:11 Necklace - Gold/Silver Sale price$24.00 USD
Angel Numbers NecklaceAngel Numbers Necklace
Angel Numbers Necklace Sale price$22.00 USD
Luxury Steel Anklets/Bracelets - Classics Snake, Rope&CurbLuxury Steel Anklets/Bracelets - Classics Snake, Rope&Curb
‘Cleopatra’ 2 in 1 Minimalist Cubic Zirconia Dangly Earrings‘Cleopatra’ 2 in 1 Minimalist Cubic Zirconia Dangly Earrings
‘The World Is Yours’ Ring‘The World Is Yours’ Ring
‘The World Is Yours’ Ring Sale price$20.00 USD
The ‘Loved’ NecklaceThe ‘Loved’ Necklace
The ‘Loved’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
‘Made of Magic’ Necklace‘Made of Magic’ Necklace
‘Made of Magic’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace‘The World Is Yours’ Necklace
Sold outtextured hoop earrings goldtextured hoop earrings gold hammered
Thick Curb Chain - Gold/SilverThick Curb Chain - Gold/Silver
Thick Curb Chain - Gold/Silver Sale price$36.00 USD
11:11 Ring - Gold/Silver11:11 Ring - Gold/Silver
11:11 Ring - Gold/Silver Sale price$20.00 USD
Angel Numbers Ring - GoldAngel Numbers Ring - Gold
Angel Numbers Ring - Gold Sale price$20.00 USD
Diamanté Evil Eye Necklace 🧿Diamanté Evil Eye Necklace 🧿
Gold Jewelled Crown NecklaceGold Jewelled Crown Necklace
Gold Jewelled Crown Necklace Sale price$23.00 USD
Small Spectrum ‘Solange’ HoopsSmall Spectrum ‘Solange’ Hoops
Wrap Ankh Ring - Gold/SilverWrap Ankh Ring - Gold/Silver
Wrap Ankh Ring - Gold/Silver Sale price$18.00 USD
zodiac star sign necklace necklasezodiac star sign necklace necklase
‘Sade’ Ridge Hoops - Gold/Silver‘Sade’ Ridge Hoops - Gold/Silver
‘Aaliyah’ Chunky Bamboo Hoops - Gold‘Aaliyah’ Chunky Bamboo Hoops - Gold
‘Made Of Magic’ - Ring‘Made Of Magic’ - Ring
‘Made Of Magic’ - Ring Sale price$20.00 USD
‘More Self Love’ Necklace‘More Self Love’ Necklace
‘More Self Love’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
'Queen Nefertiti' - Stud Earrings - Silver/Gold'Queen Nefertiti' - Stud Earrings - Silver/Gold
‘Riri’ Rectangle Hoops - Silver/Gold‘Riri’ Rectangle Hoops - Silver/Gold
The ‘Stay Soft’ NecklaceThe ‘Stay Soft’ Necklace
The ‘Stay Soft’ Necklace Sale price$24.00 USD
“Stay Soft” Ring“Stay Soft” Ring
“Stay Soft” Ring Sale price$20.00 USD
‘More Self Love’ Ring‘More Self Love’ Ring
‘More Self Love’ Ring Sale price$20.00 USD
‘Yin Yang’ 2 in 1 Necklace - Gold‘Yin Yang’ 2 in 1 Necklace - Gold
The ‘To The One I Love’ NecklaceThe ‘To The One I Love’ Necklace
Watch Band ‘Jelani’ Ring - SilverWatch Band ‘Jelani’ Ring - Silver