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The 3d Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silver

Sale price£18.99 GBP

The 3d Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silver
Introducing our 3d version of The Ankh. You might have seen our beautiful flat version. However, at Damilola Jewellery we love options! And the 3d rendition adds a new dimension to its elegance, making it a true statement piece. Elevate your fashion game whilst embracing the power of ancient symbolism.

The Ankh or also known as The Key of Life is an ancient Egyptian symbol that dates back to the early dynastic period. The first "cross". It symbolises life and is originally based on the feminine principals of nature, spirituality and peace. The most sacred symbol of ancient Egypt. It is an amulet for spiritual healing. Also worn for goodluck and to protect against bad energies 🖤


Pendant height is 4.3cm.
The chain length is 60cm.
Please contact us if you require a shorter chain. Gold/Sterling silver plated.

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The 3d Ankh  (Big) - Gold/Silver
The 3d Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silver Sale price£18.99 GBP