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Ankh Bangle - Gold/Silver

Sale price£13.99 GBP

Ankh Bangle - Gold/Silver

The Ankh or also known as The Key of Life is an ancient Egyptian symbol that dates back to the early dynastic period. The first "cross". It symbolises life and is originally based on the feminine principals of nature, spirituality and peace. The most sacred symbol of ancient Egypt. It is an amulet for spiritual healing. Also worn for goodluck and to protect against bad energies 🖤

Fits any size arms. Open the two ankhs and place wrist in between for easy access. Made from copper and silver/gold plated. 

(click this link for tips on how to maintain your jewellery for as long as possible

Ankh Bangle - Gold/Silver
Ankh Bangle - Gold/Silver Sale price£13.99 GBP