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Patterned Africa Necklace

Sale price£20.99 GBP

In African culture, patterns carry profound meanings and symbols that symbolise community, heritage, and beyond. These symbolic patterns reflect the beliefs and history of the culture, embodying the wisdom of a tribe. They serve as a historical record of the tribe's experiences and daily life.

Our latest Africa pendant design features common patterns like parallel zig-zags, symbolising the idea that life's journey is rarely straightforward; instead, it is often challenging and filled with twists and turns, making it a challenging yet rewarding path. 


This patterned Africa piece is a versatile addition that can elevate any look from simple to captivating.

  • Pendant is stainless steel
  • Twist chain is copper
  • 18ct gold plated
Patterned Africa Necklace
Patterned Africa Necklace Sale price£20.99 GBP