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African Beauty&History Through Jewellery

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The ‘Wings Of Life’ Nefertiti NecklaceThe ‘Wings Of Life’ Nefertiti Necklace
Ankh earrings huggiesAnkh earrings huggies
Small Africa Necklace ‘Isokan’  - Gold/SilverAfrica engraved map necklaces
Africa Small Pendant Detailed Engraved ‘Kuumba' - Gold/SilverAfrica Small Pendant Detailed Engraved ‘Kuumba' - Gold/Silver
black girl magic jewelleryblack girl magic
Wrap Ankh Ring - Gold/SilverWrap Ankh Ring - Gold/Silver
Wrap Ankh Ring - Gold/Silver Sale price£13.99 GBP
African Diamanté Necklace - 'Folami'African Diamanté Necklace - 'Folami'
Queen Nefertiti necklace Gold/Silver'Queen Nefertiti' - Gold/Silver Necklace Jewellery
Queen Nandi Necklace - 2 Styles AvailableQueen Nandi Necklace - 2 Styles Available
The 3d Ankh  (Big) - Gold/SilverThe 3d Ankh  (Big) - Gold/Silver
The 3d Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silver Sale price£18.99 GBP
The Benin Mask - Gold/SilverThe Benin Mask - Gold/Silver
The Benin Mask - Gold/Silver Sale price£19.99 GBP
Locs/Braids Wrap Jewellery
Locs/Braids Wrap Jewellery Sale priceFrom £7.99 GBP
Africa Ring ‘Abiola’ - Silver/GoldAfrica Ring ‘Abiola’ - Silver/Gold
queen nefertiti earrings africaAfrica earrings Ankh Nefertiti Stripes
Drop Hoop Earrings Africa - Silver/GoldDrop Hoop Earrings Africa - Silver/Gold
‘Yera’ Striped Africa Hoops Dangly‘Yera’ Striped Africa Hoops Dangly
‘Yera’ Striped Africa Hoops Dangly Sale priceFrom £12.99 GBP
Ankh Bangle - Gold/SilverAnkh Bangle - Gold/Silver
Ankh Bangle - Gold/Silver Sale price£13.99 GBP
Africa necklace pendant with lionAfrica pendant necklace with lion
Queen Nefertiti 3pc Set - Gold/SilverQueen Nefertiti 3pc Set - Gold/Silver
Create Your Own Personalised Flag Pendants - Different Shapes OptionsCreate Your Own Personalised Flag Pendants - Different Shapes Options
egypt flag necklace Egypt Flag Necklace 🇪🇬
Egypt Flag Necklace 🇪🇬 Sale price£17.99 GBP
Cameroon Flag Map Necklace 🇨🇲
Cameroon Flag Map Necklace 🇨🇲 Sale priceFrom £17.99 GBP
Ethiopia Flag Map Necklace 🇪🇹
Africa Ring ‘Jaja’ - 925 Sterling SilverAfrica Ring ‘Jaja’ - 925 Sterling Silver
Zimbabwe Flag Map Necklace 🇿🇼 - Gold/SilverZimbabwe Flag Map Necklace 🇿🇼 - Gold/Silver
‘Hamsa Hand - Bad Energy Stay Far Away’ Ring‘Hamsa Hand - Bad Energy Stay Far Away’ Ring
Pharaoh - Silver/GoldPharaoh - Silver/Gold
Pharaoh - Silver/Gold Sale price£19.99 GBP
Queen Nandi 2pc SetQueen Nandi 2pc Set
Queen Nandi 2pc Set Sale price£29.99 GBP
queen nefertiti ringqueen nefertiti ring
Uganda Flag Map Necklace 🇺🇬Uganda Flag Map Necklace 🇺🇬
Uganda Flag Map Necklace 🇺🇬 Sale price£17.99 GBP
Double Twisted Ankh/Nefertiti Ring - Gold/SilverDouble Twisted Ankh/Nefertiti Ring - Gold/Silver
Sold outAfrica Crown Necklace 👑Africa Crown Necklace 👑
Africa Crown Necklace 👑 Sale price£19.99 GBP
Ankh Studs - Gold/SilverAnkh Studs - Gold/Silver
Ankh Studs - Gold/Silver Sale price£9.99 GBP
ankh ring gold silver jewelleryankh ring gold silver jewellery
'Ankh' Ring - Gold/Silver Sale price£13.99 GBP
goddess earrings isis Goddess Isis Earrings
Goddess Isis Earrings Sale price£11.99 GBP
'Imani' Africa Set - Silver/Gold'Imani' Africa Set - Silver/Gold
'Imani' Africa Set - Silver/Gold Sale price£23.99 GBP
Ankh earrings africaAnkh earrings africa
‘Ankh a Africa’ Earrings - 3/7cm Sale priceFrom £12.99 GBP
The Ankh (Big) - Gold/Silverankh key of life necklace
Queen Nandi Earrings - Gold/SilverQueen Nandi Earrings
Queen Nefertiti Bangle - Gold/Silver/BlackQueen Nefertiti Bangle - Gold/Silver/Black
Gambia Flag Necklace🇬🇲Gambia Flag Necklace🇬🇲
Gambia Flag Necklace🇬🇲 Sale price£17.99 GBP
africa shape earrings large hoopsafrica shape earrings large hoops
'Dumi' - Gold/Silver/Rose Gold/Black Sale priceFrom £10.49 GBP
'BLACK LIVES MATTER' Sale price£16.99 GBP
ankh key of lifeankh key of life
Ghana Flag Necklace  - Gold/Silver ‘Freedom and Justice'Ghana Flag Necklace  - Gold/Silver ‘Freedom and Justice'
Africa ring outlineAfrica ring outline
'Kemi' - Africa Ring Sale price£9.99 GBP
Nigeria flag map necklace Nigeria flag map necklace
queen nefertiti earrings Queen Nefertiti Drop Earrings
Queen Nefertiti Drop Earrings Sale price£11.99 GBP